The concept of the ownership in the late „socialist“ political economy

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Колеги, участващи активно в разработването на решения и дискусията по икономическите проблеми свързани с пандемията, представиха научните си изследвания на международната конференция „Markets, Productivity, and Happiness in a Historical Perspective“ в гр. Падуа, Италия. Разработката и представянето бяха частично подкрепени от проекта.

Автор: Пламен Чипев

This paper investigates the collision between the unquestionable requirement to preserve and maintain the solitary existence of the all-people socialist ownership and the need to provide a certain, though limited, independence for the enterprises. The seemingly simple practical issue, eventually appeared as a complex contradictory knot of both theoretical and practical problems, which implicated a lot of attempts for their overcoming in the different socialist countries, continuing up to the end of 1980s, i.e. to the last days before the system break-down. The paper here focuses on the experience in Soviet Union and, particularly, in Bulgaria. JEL: B14; B24; G34; L22; P26; P31

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The concept of the ownership in the late „socialist“ political economy


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